DTF Mystery Box
DTF Mystery Box
DTF Mystery Box

DTF Mystery Box

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What is DTF Printing?

The DTF process is as simple in its working as its name suggests – Print on a film and directly transfer it onto fabric. The most prominent factor that makes this process worthy of use across a larger number of people is the freedom to choose almost any fabric. Be it polyester, cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers like rayon or terrycot, the DTF printing process will work its magic on them.

Our mystery boxes contains 20 prints of various sizes, and is packed with super special prints. 
You will not regret this purchase. 
Images are examples of DTF prints, those prints are not in our boxes!!


1 . Pre press garment for 5 seconds to remove moisture.

2. Position Print.

3. Press at 150 degrees Celsius at medium pressure for 15 seconds. 

4. Peel when Hot.

5. Final press for 5 seconds using teflon sheet.